Needing Yin and Yang

I’ve recently returned to teaching some hot yoga, I love the intensity of the hot room but for the health of my body (and mind) I have to remember to balance it out with something softer, like yin yoga.

I think it goes hand in hand with a professional dance training: to have an affinity with rigorous, strict practices, to work in end range of movement and perform every action with 100% effort and purpose. This has been my comfort zone.

I find yin yoga way more challenging than the hottest most humid hot room! I am gradually realising there is equal rigor and discipline in yin yoga. To be still, to allow my body to be supported by the floor or props rather than muscular effort, to pull back from my end of range and find a place of a more nourishing, intensity, takes determination and focus. To be in my head and body without distraction. If I allow it to, the physical stillness gives rise to mental calm and clarity. Could it be that sometimes the thing that makes us uncomfortable might actually be the thing we need the most?

Sometimes, less is more.

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