A Beginners Mind

In the Zen tradition, A Beginners Mind is open and without preconception. Adopting this approach can put a positive light on many things: perhaps learning a new skill or adapting to a new role at work, a maybe a relationship or parenting problem. Try and look at it through a beginner‘s eyes, without preconception.

At the suggestion of my university Dance history professor, (who was also my first Pilates teacher in 1987!) I have begun exploring somatic movement.

What a revelation! I’m only a couple of weeks into an introductory course and so far the controlled and conscious movement and breath work is really resonating: a perfect foil for my ageing dancers body, that has a leaning to effortful ‘yang’ movement, and a tendency to physically manifest stress.

I feel these somatic movement techniques will help me with postural habits and discomfort and I’m sure they will be a valuable tool for teaching my yoga students. I am excited to learn more, to put aside unhelpful habitual movement patterns and to re-discover my ‘beginners mind’. And I’m going to try and hold on to the feeling of being open to new things.

In real life this was all super super slow and controlled.

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