Good Days and Bad

Much of the world is in some degree of social/physical isolation or lockdown. The situation is fluid and things are changing quickly, it is easy to feel unsteady and out of sorts. To ease that unsteadiness I’m trying to keep some kind of routine, for myself and the family. Having a structure to the day, breaking it into manageable blocks of time for work, exercise, mealtimes and rest seems to help me find some calm. This may not work for everyone and I definitely have good days and bad. Sometimes just contemplating the magnitude of what’s going on can be panic- inducing.

It does help to be kind, to yourself and those around you. It also helps to keep yourself informed but maybe think about limiting news sources to a handful of trusted sources that you check twice a day rather than every time you scroll through instagram. We all do it, me included. However I increasingly find social media ‘news posts’ to be inflammatory, highly subjective and argumentative, often of unclear origin and authenticity. The internet is not always a kind place. That said, social media and online group meeting platforms are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, especially at the moment, when for most, travel and physical socialising are not possible.

With all that’s going on I can’t always identify what’s affecting my mood. There is just so much: from covid19 and concern about the health of family and friends to worry about what the economic fallout will mean for everyone. As I said, there are good days and bad, or more like, good and bad bits of each day! I don’t have a quick fix. Sometimes all it takes is a few deep breaths, a few rounds of sun salutations or an inversion to shift my perspective. And sometimes none of that works, but a moan to a friend, a good cry on my own or a glass or two of wine might do the job! How are you keeping things in perspective during these strange times?

Trying to find some steadiness in pincha mayurasna and standing balancing postures!!

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