This is day 8…

Of compulsory 2 week home quarantine with my youngest son. We are both feeling fine so far and have been surprisingly busy up to now: online school for him, some online courses for me, learning to teach virtual classes via online group meeting platforms, plenty of cooking, cleaning and sorting: an opportunity to tackle some home projects I usually put off, because I can’t find the time.

The biggest challenge has been not going outside, we live in an apartment so a turn around the garden isn’t an option for us. Being active is such a big part of who I am it’s been a real learning experience to have restrictions placed on my movements. I am keeping up with my home yoga practice for my mental as well as physical well-being. And I’ve been reconnecting with some much loved yoga teachers via online streaming classes. Thank you @patrickcreelman and Lisa Mak @glowingstories

These are such strange and challenging times. We are in the midst of an unprecedented global health crisis. Life feels like a movie. How can we cope with the very real stresses this is placing on us all? I’m reminding myself that there is a lot about the situation that is out of my control. The big picture can be overwhelming to contemplate. What can I influence? What do I have the power to do? I can take the precautions recommended by the authorities. I can be mindful of interactions with others in my community. I can look after myself and my loved ones as best I can. I am able and thankful that I can eat nutritious food and move my body. I have shelter and love and the opportunity to breath deeply and try and manage stress. I am blessed.

We do the best we can with what we have at a particular time in a particular place. Some days it’s easier said than done!

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