“When life feels unstable and you don’t know what to do, do yoga”

A favourite yoga teacher once opened a class with these words and I’m literally putting them into practise these days. Most mornings, I get out of bed 10 minutes early in order to meditate: wrapped in shawl, my hair still in a scarf, cup of tea by my side. If things gets hectic later on,Continue reading ““When life feels unstable and you don’t know what to do, do yoga””

“This Too Shall Pass”

As the Covid-19 virus spreads, so does panic. Is this virus worse than seasonal influenza? Is wearing a surgical mask helpful? What can I do to stay healthy? There is a huge amount of often conflicting, information and advice online and in the mainstream media. It can be hard to filter through to the facts.Continue reading ““This Too Shall Pass””

What does 50 look like?

Over the last week there has been a lot of media coverage of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira’s half time performance at the Super Bowl last Sunday. I thought it was a great celebration of the work of two legendary Latina pop stars. However, much of the commentary was on their age, appearance and the ‘sexiness’Continue reading “What does 50 look like?”