Troubling Times

I live in Hong Kong and with the challenges we’ve had here for several months now, I’m feeling the need for balance and grounding: which can be hard to find in a big city. I’m a big believer in moving regularly, eating well and finding ways to manage stress and get enough sleep. It can be helpful to remind myself of these simple steps when I’m feeling out of sorts: walking outside when I can; eating simple food at home; and incorporating some kind of mindfulness practice into my day. The mindfulness part could be as little as 5 minutes of conscious breathing immediately on waking, before I get out of bed.

This isn’t medical advice: I’m not a physician, I’m a fitness/yoga teacher and have been a movement professional for 30 years. Currently a stressed one! And these small things are helping me get through some tense times. Oh, and the odd glass of wine with that simple dinner definitely helps too. What helps you to get through a challenging time?

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